Toy Story

A new campaign for the Jack & Jones clothing brand, produced by an agency in Denmark, turns the well-established Axe effect advertising standard on its head, by highlighting the results of netting too much female attention.

The male lead in the ‘Girl Toy’ ad is less than impressed by the persistent attention of his female companions. “Sometimes I feel so dirty. What happened to romantic dinners? Picnics at the beach? Holding hands in the park? A cosy night in with DVDs and popcorn?,” laments the over-serviced man in the video as he fights of female admirers at every turn.

The ad was originally voiced in German, which gave it an ethereal and softer quality via the breathy voiceover. The new version has the male protagonist bemoaning his situation in a thick Scottish accent, which puts added emphasis on the word ‘dirty’, but possibly a little too much BBC gritty drama-styled anger on the end line “women are pigs”.

The brand follows the Toy theme on its website, positioning its models with plastic packaging as if they are on the shelf at Toy R Us.

Customers who purchase either the Tobias jacket or Sami wool jacket – which this particular campaign is promoting - will net themselves a free pair of headphones in store.

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