Toyota’s hybrid roller coaster project

The Japanese automotive company recently stripped down one of its Prius models to its bare bones as it turned the vehicle into a roller coaster ride in order to promote the benefits of its new Synergy Drive System.

The Synergy Drive System is an innovative piece of technology that cleverly converts brake power into energy to be used elsewhere in the car. However, in highlighting the power saving potential of this new concept Toyota also wanted to showcase the self-expression and creativity behind this unique idea.

To do this the brand teamed up with DeepLocal, a team of artists, designers and engineers, to harness the technology and turn it into something much more human and tangible.

The team paired a Prius down to its base elements, attaching it to a specially constructed 70ft roller coaster track. As the vehicle dropped down the 10ft ramp it reached 15 mph before braking and converting that brake power into 6,000 watts of sustainable energy, enabling LED lights on the vehicle and across the set to light up in true fun fair style.

The five-week process is well documented in the resulting video, highlighting both the advanced technology and the passion and belief that underpins the project and the brand’s ‘Ideas For Good’ campaign mantra.

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