Trash billboard promotes wine sponsored movie

Innovative approaches to the humble billboard are ten a penny these days, and have been for some time, as advertisers clamber over each other to turn consumer’s heads with a series of shock tactics (ad hoardings constructed out of cockroaches) or other fancy tricks (such as producing doves from a Billboard hat).

Barefoot Wine is yet another brand that is generating a buzz around its latest billboard effort, by creating an ad that is made entirely out of garbage in order to promote One Beach, a new movie directed by Jason Baffa that highlights the creativity and eco-friendly stance of the California wine brand.

Constructed over the course of four days, (and six weeks of pre build preparation) various helpers turned 18,000 hand picked items of beach debris - collected across the coast of Southern California -  into a giant billboard advertising the Barefoot sponsored Facebook film.

Although not entirely original, this is a great way of promoting the brand’s long running commitment to maintaining safe beaches, the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project has actively hosted in excess of 50 beach cleanups and dune restorations. It also sees the brand investing in small community based artisans,  by commissioning the non-profit Eco-LogicalART Gallery to develop this bespoke ‘Trash Mural’, turning a static ad into a live piece of performance art.

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