Trash monster: community recycled art

With Halloween fast approaching we can expect yet another tirade of ghoulish marketing as the scaring season kicks in proper.  The question is what will be the campaign monster of the moment this year?

Vampires are somewhat passé, even with the first installment of the Twilight finale pending, and zombies having been done to …well… death.

What we’d like to see is some originality when it comes to the annual advertising fright fest. Monsters with a message. Take for example this rather wonderful little promotion in Shanghai, in association with Roots & Shoots an environmental initiative from the Jane Goodall Institute.

In order to build awareness of the importance of recycling and not cluttering up the planet with a mass of non-degradable waste (the average Chinese person uses 300 plastic bags in a year), students were encouraged to collect plastic bags from across the region and transform them into a unique art sculpture.

Standing proud outside the Gezhi High School of Shanghai, the giant 10 metre monster (which wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Scooby Doo) towers over passers by and comes with the message ‘waste plastic bags and they’ll come back to haunt you’.

It’s a great way of transforming a dull, yet important, recycling message into something eye catching and credible, whilst also evoking a sense of community and helping to facilitate bold works of social art.

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