Trident: Gum as fashion muse

Fashion has taken its inspiration from a variety of sources over the years, and now chewing gum can be added to the ever-growing list of inspiration thanks to a new collaborative partnership between Trident and flamboyant designer Indashio.

Indashio, the owned of the vibrant celebrity fashion house of the same name, has dressed a host of celebrities – including Nicky Hilton and Kim Kardashian – and is a regular on the Fashion Week circuit.  His live fashion events have initiated partnerships with brands such as Commerce Bank, Absolut, Grey Goose, Samsung, Maybelline, Candie's, Cadillac and Virgin Mobile - to name check a mere few. However, this will be the first partnership that directly influences his work from the point of creation.

Trident Vitality will present his latest New York Fashion Week show, while the fashion designer and TV personality has also been hard at work creating statement clothing inspired by Trident’s new gum and its distinctive packaging.

Indashio has developed four dresses, one for each of the three new Trident Vitality flavours (Vigorate, Rejuve and Awaken), in addition to a signature couture piece, both playful yet sophisticated, that embodies the Trident Vitality style. “Our goal was to bring this sleek, silver, stylish packaging to life in fashion," said Kelly Bivens, Brand Manager for Trident.

The designer himself clearly has no issue with working so closely with a brand and is quick to highlight the positive effect working with branded inspiration has had on his work. “As soon as I started chewing the gum, there was smoke between the pencil and the paper because I was sketching so fast. I did five sketches total. This gum, it just inspires me".

A new ad for Trident Vitality (featuring the music sync ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig & Dragonette) can be seen below.

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