Tubeway Army

Here’s a clever take on the location check in rewards concept from Tokyo.

The GPS driven social game Koroni-na Seikatsu Plus (Life Colony Plus, commonly known as ‘Koropura’) – a Japanese competitor to Foursquare -  has teamed up with Tokyo Metro on a new location based gaming initiative.

The ’Tokyo Rediscovery! Eat-It-Up GPS Game Journey’ campaign enables gamers to buy special one-day Metro passes that enable them to participate in a unique real world gaming experience attached to the popular mobile game.

The more stations the player visits the more virtual items they can collect.  If they manage to collect them all they are rewarded with a ‘virtual meal’ served up by a virtual chef. It seems a bit of a strange reward, with no direct tangible benefit. However, this is Japan and the lines between virtual and physical ownership are far more blurred than in the West and unlocking virtual ‘extras’ is a lucrative market. The game promo runs until October.

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