The tweeting fridge

Here’s a clever little promotion from Brazil that fuses social technology, brand awareness and a healthy dose of altruism to generate buzz around a particular product.

Due to hectic lifestyles and the saturation of other beverage brands, people the world over aren’t drinking enough water. Bottled water brand Bonafont – who, naturally, have a vested interest in promoting water consumption – decided to do something about raising awareness of both the need for hydration and their own brand.

The company developed an innovative mini ‘Tweeting Fridge’, which they donated to an influential Twitter celebrity in the region. On opening the fridge an innovative piece of technology caused the object to interact with the users Twitter timeline, posting a personalised welcome message: “hello I’m you fridge”.

From this point on the fridge would interact with the user’s timeline, delivering tweets when water was consumed and posting reminders when it hadn’t been opened for some time.

It’s a somewhat gimmicky idea, but one that brings a level of functionality to the concept of ‘The Internet of Things’, which aims to make inanimate objects more social and interactive. It's also a neat use of automated social sharing, effortlessly providing up to the minute celebrity endorsements to an already engaged audience.

The brand has plans to deliver more fridges to prominent celebrities in the future, driving buzz for the brand on Twitter through its new 'heavy metal' social ambassador.The Tweeting Fridge from Simone Santos on Vimeo.

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