Undercover ads: the rise of Invisible marketing

We’ve noticed a burgeoning trend towards invisible/hidden marketing recently, as brands look to side step the obvious by encouraging consumers to do a double take. We’ve had invisible chairs promoting KLM airlines, the invisible car courtesy of BMW, and Nivea billboards that remain invisible until activated by the sun.

The majority of big outdoor marketing stunts, by and large, tend to play upon spectacle and awe (the recent spate of projection mapping events, for example) delivered directly to a mass audience.  Invisible marketing, however, is much more about the reveal - often to only a select few - as depicted in this rather clever street stunt from Lynx in Australia.

Lynx’s ‘Invisible Anarchy’ stunt saw the brand  developing specially created polarised LCD screens, which were placed behind the windows of an ordinary house in the Darlinghurst district. Passers by - who could only see an intriguing bright white light emanating from the windows - were given a complementary pair of Lynx Anarchy sunglasses, enabling them to view the real action unfolding inside the house.

It’s an innovative take on the idea of a street marketing promo, delivering a more intimate approach to the big visual stunt, and we anticipate much more from this cutting edge technology in the future, as visual activity becomes more about ‘depth’ and uncovering hidden world’s within than merely projecting on the surface action.

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