Uniqlo: A Switch in Time

Every now and again a really clever banner-advertising campaign comes along that puts the, generally very flat, world of embedded website ads to shame. Uniqlo's 'Lucky Switch' is one of those campaigns.

Installed into websites and blogs, the 'Lucky Switch' widget when activated  transforms  all image content on the page into  peel-able Uniqlo Lucky Tickets. Revealing a winning ticket netted the viewer a redeemable prize in store - driving new footfall. Non-winning tickets simply became ad banners for Uniqlo, right in the heart of the blog/website's content.

The innovative media strategy is ingenious both in its simplicity of execution and its considerable traction - with the widget installed (voluntarily) on around 5,000 blogs and generating in excess of  2.8M banner clicks.

[vimeo 9125761]

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