Urban Outfitters: Secret Generator Series

Urban Outfitters and Levi’s have partnered up on a free series of concerts held in secret locations, entitled the Secret Generator Series.

Each of the shows, the first of which kicked off on 25th September with a performance by Deerhunter, are powered via a generator – hence the campaign title – which gives them the ability to popup anywhere.  For example, the Deerhunter gig took place under an overpass in Chicago, a destination that was kept secret until two days prior to the event.

Random photos of the secret location are uploaded to the Urban Outfitters blog in order to tease those wishing to attend (these seem to comprise mainly of close up pictures of bricks).   Texting a unique code to Urban Outfitters or clicking ‘like’ on the brand's Facebook page also reveals additional clues. The music initiative is also being pushed via the brand’s Twitter profile.

The gigs, which focus on niche indie artists in intimate locations, are positioned under the “Will it Happen in your City?’ tag line.

Levi’s already has a strong association with music, with recent efforts including the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions and the Levi's Fader Fort. Urban Outfitters too has opted for a strong music presence on its blog, which has been offering five free songs every Monday and downloadable playlists for some time now.

The next event in the Generator series takes place in early October and will feature self-proclaimed Chillwave band Neon Indian.

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