V Energy: The Paintball Machine

The V Energy drink brand is giving Seurat a run for his money with an instant version of Pointillism, thanks to a specially constructed paint ball machine and some outdoor experiential marketing activity in New Zealand.

The giant structure, comprised of 840 paintball gun barrels and thousands of handcrafted paintballs, has been loaded on to the back of a branded truck in order to deliver a blast of creative urban graffiti in an instant.

An accompanying commercial shows the paint weapon making its mark on the side of a building in a shape reminiscent of a rotund Spongebob Squarepants.

The activity is also replicated on the brand's digital destination, inviting people to have a go at creating their own mini masterpieces with a virtual paint ball gun, with the energy drink brand set to give away a year’s supply of V to the most artistic creations.

The paintball cannon will be making another impromptu pit stop at an undisclosed location in June.

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