Verizon’s magic eye

Maybe it’s the sci fi aesthetic or the brand’s ‘future perfect’ positioning, but  there’s something engaging and refreshing about Verizon’s current crop of advertising efforts for its Android enabled handset, the DROID X.

A new 'Never Miss' teaser ad looks to build on anticipation by embedding 'Easter egg' details of the upcoming device deep within a short 16 second viral. What at first seems like a simple eyeball transforming Terminator style into a cybernetic eye is in fact a window into the secret world of DROID.  Reflected in the pupil are hidden details of the product - HDMI out, 4.3-inch WVGA Screen, 8MP, etc - and also a link to a dedicated secret Twitter stream, @DROIDLanding.

The Twitter destination is the gateway to finding a series of pre-release handsets that are currently hidden across the US.

It’s very much a blink and you’ll miss it proposition (and really requires stop frame technology to even access the deeply buried info) not to mention the fact that it's all in reverse. However, with the device aimed squarely at a male centred audience this teaser ad, with its ‘come and find me’ live advergame proposition, is perfectly pitched to ensure maximum traction and speculation amongst tech bloggers.

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