Vextini: Mix less. Miss less

Vextini, the ready to pour Vodka martini brand, has created a new Augmented Reality campaign under the ‘Mix less. Miss less’ banner in a bid to entice young female consumers into the brand’s website.

A series of print ads depict a typical Sex and The City style group of young females, seemingly laughing at something that is obscured by a sizeable QR code in the centre of the ad. Those viewing the print campaign  are driven to a web destination to find out exactly what it is they are missing out on.

The concept is fairly basic, yet effective. The idea being that if you’re mixing martinis the old way you’re bound to end up missing out on some of the party action. Such as muscle bound lumberjacks busting through your wall. The web experience offers up an additional three scenarios to the print campaign.

It’s a modern take on the peel and reveal concept but one that doesn’t stray too far from the traditional storyline of somewhat generic female led TV ads. The fairly basic video premise doesn’t utilise the full scope of the AR medium in any particularly ground breaking way. However, it’s certainly voyeuristic and plays directly into the (literal) hands of its target technological savvy young female audience.


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