Victoria’s Secret: Sexier than Skin QR codes

Victoria’s Secret has come up with an innovative use for the now somewhat ubiquitous QR code in its latest series of outdoor print ads.

Utilising a similar voyeurism stance to the recent Betfair effort – which placed QR codes on the backsides of female volleyball players - Victoria’s Secret entices mobile users to scan QR codes that have been strategically placed on seemingly naked female models.

The QR code then takes the mobile user to a web destination to reveal that the missing part of the image is in fact a piece of Victoria’s Secret underwear, thereby highlighting the 'Sexier than Skin’ campaign tag line.

It’s a slightly more classy piece of QR code enabled voyeurism - which serves to work for both male and female consumers - as opposed to Betfair’s overtly more male based Volleyball concept, even if it does opt for a fairly rudimentary 'sex sells' message.

Interestingly, recent statistics reveal that QR codes are being scanned far more by women (at 64%), compared to almost half that number of men (at a fairly paltry 36%).

There is also evidence to suggest that the most avid QR code scanners are in the 35-44 age bracket and that the majority of these expect to be rewarded for pointing their phone at a black and white icon. In fact a hefty 87% expect some form of coupon or offer in return for their time, proving that getting their attention is only half of the engagement battle.

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