Virgin Mobile: The Lady Likes

Virgin Mobile, currently the sponsor of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour, are hoping to tap into the singer’s sizeable network of followers and transfer some of the love for the artist into brand likes’.

The math here isn’t difficult to figure out. Lady Gaga has some 27.7M Facebook likes as opposed to a mere 39,000 for Virgin Mobile. Naturally they are eager to leverage their sponsorship deal into tangible connections with the singer’s devoted audience.

The brand has ambitions of topping 1M likes by the close of the year. However, it’s not just about any old clicks. “They want the right ‘likes,’” commented Amos Pizzey, president and founder of Talenthouse recently (which helped steer the promotion), “They want people who are there to consume content.”

To this effect the mobile brand is rolling out a competition to find 10 official bloggers to cover upcoming dates on the singer’s tour. Entrants are being asked to submit video evidence of their “best work” to the brand’s Facebook page, which will then be subject to a public vote. Naturally, each submission requires a participant to ‘like’ the brand first.

It’s a sensible move, but may prove to be a little too niche a concept for Lady Gaga’s mass audience, with the video submission possibly proving a barrier to entry. That said, if the brand is opting to be picky about its ‘like’ mandate (which the vast majority aren’t), then this should help steer them towards users interested in content.

Currently there are around 139 brands on Facebook with in excess of 1 million likes, although it is claimed that the majority (75%) of these likes are directly related to an initial ad campaign.

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