Virgin Mobile: Say Hello To Crazy

A new campaign from Virgin Mobile is asking mobile users to “Say Goodbye to Stupid” and “Say Hello To Crazy” as the brand pushes its  ‘Beyond Talk’ plan, which offers unlimited messaging, e-mail, data and Web for a mere $25.

The ad kick offs with sombre black and white footage of mourners laying their old contracts to rest at a graveside, then switching to a texting woman giving birth as the track ‘Early Morning Wake-Up Call’ by the The Hives kicks in as the ad's background music.

"Our new advertising gets the message out that it's stupid to be buying thousands of talk minutes to get what many of these consumers really want, never-ending social networking," said Bob Stohrer VP, marketing, Virgin Mobile USA.

The promo is reminiscent of the sentiment behind Diesel’s recent ‘Be Stupid’ campaign, both of which rework the classic Nike ‘Do it Now’ statement for a generation that is recording every passionate moment of their lives within social media.

It will be interesting to see if Virgin Mobile can follow this ad campaign up with actual live events that enable subscribers to bring out their inner ’Crazy’. Thereby giving them something to circulate across their favourite social destination as they use their unlimited data plan.

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