Virgin Radio: 'Louder is Better' YouTube takeover

French radio station Virgin Radio has rolled out a new ad campaign, as it promotes is new ‘Louder is Better’ strapline, featuring both a national TV ad and a series of interactive YouTube takeover videos.

The TV ad features a series of youths – eerily reminiscent of the four characters in The Inbetweeners - getting into a car and avoiding a shouting parent by turning up Virgin Radio. This leaves the gestating parent outside, unaware that she is syncing her words and movements to a Black Eyed Peas song.

The YouTube side of the campaign echoes this theme, and offers up both a mundane army drill scene and a window into a sedate hospital operation setting. As the video progresses viewers are encouraged to ‘Make it Louder’ by turning up the viral’s volume. Doing so changes the scene, causing the characters to perform ever more outrageous dance moves.

It’s by no means the first promotion to use The YouTube takeover idea. However, the concept of effecting the video outcome through the use of music is clever concept. This ‘choose your own adventure’ style of YouTube video has been utilised before, notably by Nokia in France, when it enabled French music fans to control the band BB Brunes. The evolving video content idea on YouTube was also recently exploited by water brand Perrier, enabling additional content to be uncovered only when views reached a certain level.

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