Vitaminwater: Prove your Twilight fanaticism

Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater is on the lookout for the world’s biggest vampire obsessed Twilight fans in a new Facebook competition.  Much like Burger King’s current Twi-Hard campaign Vitaminwater is eager to showcase the passion that surrounds the movie franchises’ fanatical youth audience and have it reflect against their brand.

Those that think they are experts on young Edward Cullen and his various undead buddies will need to take an aptitude test to prove their worth (less than 80% of correct answers simply won’t do). Then they will be given the chance to upload a short video outlining just what makes them the most ardent Twilight fan.

The overall winner, judged by the Facebook community, will find themselves up close and personal with their idols at the filming of the next movie as they are given the chance to interview select members of the cast. That's if they don't jump them screaming "bite me Edward!" or faint the moment they catch a glimpse of them.

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