Vodafone: Pixel Hunt

Here’s a simple, yet effective campaign from Vodafone in Germany aimed at promoting the new 5- megapixel camera on the LG Optimus handset.

Taking its cue from the infamous success of the million-dollar homepage concept and the ever-popular treasure hunt, the brand invited people to hunt down one of 100 LG handsets from within a giant 5 million pixel photograph. Those involved with the painstaking process could win a phone instantly on clicking a winning pixel.

One month after the online game was released all 5 million pixels had been clicked, as 300,000 visitors engaged with the digital scavenger hunt.

It’s an interesting concept and one that ensures those involved walk away with the quality of the camera firmly embedded in their minds. However, what would give this campaign an even deeper emotive connection with consumers is if the actual photo itself meant something (rather than being a generic pic).

Twinning this idea with Orange’s innovative Glasto Tag promotion from last year’s Glastonbury festival – which developed a massive panoramic shot of fans from the event’s main stage, enabling viewers to tag their friends in Facebook – would ensure the game is tied to a player’s social connections., thereby driving ever greater awareness.

Vodafone Pixel Hunt from Babel Zabel on Vimeo.

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