Voice activated 3D projection mapping

3D projection mapping was everywhere in 2010, as brand after brand eagerly sought to build the wow factor into their outdoor campaigns. Some were better than others in terms of their execution, but very few let the audience become part of the action by building in a tangible interactive element.

Despite the fact that these campaigns provided a must see spectacle, omitting the hands-on option for the audience leaves passers by with a sense of detachment from the action, unable to put their own personal stamp on the proceedings.

However, one projection from the close of last year managed to innovate with the technology handing over control to the spectators. The ‘Perspective Lyrique’ 3D projection mapping installation, part of the Fete des Lumiere (light festival) in Lyon, enabled viewers to morph the theatre des Celestins before their eyes simply by using their voice and facial expressions.

The voice-activated interactive video projection was masterminded by 1024 Architecture in an attempt to “focus on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture”. A total of 32 vocal tones - plus expressions such as fear, anger or merely smiling – created subtle and dramatic deformations in the surface of the building as the theatre’s façade distorted and morphed into a human face.

Developing a projection in this way creates a deeper emotional connection by giving ownership of the content and its direction over to the people. Expect to see more projections utilising audience participation in 2011.

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