Volkswagen: Billboard on ice

VW is promoting its new four-wheel drive Passat 4Motion vehicle with a unique sales offer, which makes good use of the typically harsh winter in Sweden.

Billed as “a winter adjusted offer for a winter adjusted car,” the car brand erected a billboard on the ice, with the reduced sales incentive only lasting as long as it takes for the ice to melt.

It’s a clever spin on the limited offer promo, which turns the very environment the vehicle is designed for into a core element of the ad message.

If visitors to an accompanying website can guess the exact day when the billboard will plummet through the frozen lake they will net themselves a days racing at Gothenburg’s city race, with full VIP treatment including a luxury hotel stay.

The concept reminds us of VW's ice sculpture car which appeared on London streets back in 2007, a similar creative take on Chevrolet's recent Play-Doh car promotion.

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