Volkswagen: Date drive

VW, the auto brand that previously brought us car boot Tetris and edible print ads, has developed a novel way of promoting test drives in South Africa, by offering a new take on the notion of speed dating.

The concept is relatively simple, instead of a dull daytime test drive VW is inviting men to apply for a Date Drive, giving them access to a brand new Polo GTI for a whole evening to impress that special someone.

An accompanying website is chock full of fairly spurious figures that push just how sexy the new vehicle is and how its allure will rub off on its driver.  For instance, driving the new Polo GTI apparently makes you 26.7% more confident on a date, 30.1% more likely to get invited in ‘for coffee’ and 13.3% more likely to “get action” during a date.

It’s by no means a subtle campaign, but in some ways that is what is interesting here. There’s no veneer. It gets straight to the point. When dealing with the often tricky task of getting bums on seats in a test drive situation, that’s probably no bad thing.

The digital execution is equally pared back.  Although the premise is simple, the way the digital element is delivered – almost entirely focused on statistics, presented on a LED style dashboard website – is what gives it an edge here.

Applicants have to complete a series of quiz style questions which balance out their successful dating attempts against national statistics, thereby playing directly into the hands of young, image conscious drivers. The data capture helps to generate localised leads in terms of test drives, while positioning the overarching message on dating takes the focus away from the vehicle, giving VW a genuine reason to talk to this audience.

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