Volkswagen's 'Model' music sponsorship

"Fahr'n, Fahr'n, Fahr'n in ein VW..."

Every self confessed music aficionado has a soft spot for Kraftwerk. There are not many bands that can lay as much claim to revolutionising music production, song structure, visual aesthetic and the fusion of music and video.

So when we heard that there's a MoMA retrospective of Kraftwerk planned, we got very excited.

Last week it was announced that VW would support an eight-night live performance exhibition, featuring 3-D visualization and a selection of original compositions by the electronic music pioneers. Each of the eight consecutive evening performances will feature one of Kraftwerk's eight albums performed in chronological order: Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981), Techno Pop (1986), The Mix (1991) and Tour de France (2003).

This is a nice activity for VW -  it is linked to technology, connects back to their homeland of Germany and rewards consumers with cut-price tickets. It will also surely provide a wealth of content which the brand can harness in due course. Most of all it positions the brand as culturally astute and in touch with technology, innovation and the preservation of legacies.

Automotive brands and music have been getting closer and closer over the last decade, a trend that we're big fans of. From Scion's multitude of tastemaker programmes to OkGo's various branded adventures, there's lots to admire out there. With such an indelible link between driving and music we think there's plenty more room for brands to innovate in this space and we hope to be part of making some of it happen.

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