Volvo: Art Session

Volvo is the latest brand to position its new vehicle, the Volvo s60, side-by-side with the world of art, following in the footsteps of BMW and Aston Martin (both of which let artist Jeff Koons loose with the paint brushes on their vehicles). Citroen also recently opted for an exterior and interior design makeover from designer Orla Kiely for its DS3 model.

The Volvo 'Art Session' campaign echoes a recent outdoor effort from Mini in Japan, which saw artists spray-painting a Mini in the brand’s showroom within the Ginza district.  Volvo has recruited a swathe of artists – including Blackyard, Nevercrew, Suki Bamboo and Daim – to develop a constantly evolving work of public art at the centre of Zurich station.

‘10 artists, 1 car, 1 canvas’ runs the campaigns tag line, which will see the artists in question using the new model as a 3D canvas to develop limited edition live art. What is particularly notable here is the transient nature of the promotion which will see each artist painting directly over the work of their predecessor.

An accompanying website is offering up two webcams from different viewpoints so online viewers can follow the creative action as it unfolds. A live photo shoot is set to take place today (10th Feb).

The overall campaign will then be turned into a short film which will be available to view online, ensuring that the creators work is captured in a tangible form once its has been effectively destroyed.

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