We're going on a bear hunt

The increased uptake in location-based mobile services and the prominence of augmented reality has given rise to a flurry of mobile-based scavenger hunts of late.  Notable examples include the Red Code promotion from MTS, one of Russia’s largest mobile operators, which sent participants on a race around Moscow looking for seven QR codes. Another innovative use of the medium came courtesy of the retail space busting mobile pop-up shop introduced by footwear brand Airwalk last year.

Now premium Footwear brand Sorel is embarking on a scavenger campaign as part of a tie-in with the Sundance Film Festival. Participants are being asked to track down one of ten virtual Sorel bears (as depicted in the brand’s logo) via a mobile app in association with Gold Run (the clever people behind the Airwalk app mentioned above).

Once a bear is located players simply send Sorel a photo of themselves with their captured bear in order to win a selection of prizes form the Sorel fall 2010 collection and exclusive VIP access to events.

The hunt takes place across Park City and will also include a number of QR codes scattered across the venue on Sorel posters for other mobile users to find in addition to the scavenger hunt app.

“In the past, our boots have been on the feet of celebrities and festival-goers, but this year we wanted to have a bigger presence and do something innovative and unexpected,” said Linda Reese, Sorel’s director of brand and marketing communications. “Virtual Sorel bears and QR codes popping up around town create an exciting way for us to interact with consumers.”

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