What does a bear do in the woods?

The new viral YouTube campaign from Tippex is gaining a lot of buzz in marketing circles this week. It’s an ingenious – if borrowed – concept that sees a mock viral turned into a deep exploratory experience powered by user choice.

A faux viral entitled ‘ A Hunter Shoots a Bear’ stops mid way on watching as the hunter reaches out of the screen and picks up a Tippex pen to erase the word ‘Shoots’, inviting viewers to replace the word by typing in their own choice of outcome.

The viewer is then led to innumerable bespoke clips dependent on their chosen word, with plenty of content built in for the obligatory ‘crude’ choices that many will undoubtedly decide to use.

The ‘choose your own adventure’ style of marketing is becoming increasingly prolific as brands look to turn ad engagement directly over to the audience. This Tippex effort borrows extensively from the 2004 ‘Subservient Chicken’ website created by Burger King, and a host of other ads that interact with their YouTube surroundings.

Despite its less than original origins, this is a great ad campaign with plenty of scope to draw in repeat viewings.

The only main drawback is that such an innovative and engaging digital campaign should be promoting such a near obsolete – and virtually Steampunk object – such as Tippex.

The ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ virals have helped to drive awareness of the somewhat defunct and aged Old Spice brand. However, finding a new audience or Tippex might be a much harder sell, even with a clever ad campaign such as this.

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