Word Play: bringing books to life

At FRUKT we’re relishing the rapid pace of advancement in the publishing world, where technology has so much to bring to the literary experience. However, we also have a soft spot for books in their natural, tangible, old-school form.

Around 1.33 million people found an eReader in their Christmas stocking at the close of 2011; 92% of these being the iPod of the publishing world, the Kindle. This is all well and good, but there is a real beauty in print and the evocative nature of books that you simply don’t get from the greyscale world of E ink.

‘Words. Words. Words’, an interactive installation set at the heart of London department store Selfridges, is turning its head against the digital tide and converting all things wordy into an immersive experience, giving large sections of its store a hands-on linguistic twist.

It’s pretty impressive stuff too. The rather clever chaps over at It’s Nice That have taken over the store’s iconic windows with a series of beautifully crafted displays, developed an interactive literary hub in the store’s Ultralounge and constructed a gigantic wooden 'word-a-coaster' that spews out 30,000 fortunes to awaiting recipients at the end of its journey.

The key takeaway here is that books don’t have to be bookish, and likewise ads don’t just have to be billboards and TVCs. Actions, as it is often said, speak louder than words and this highly emotive and tactile celebration of the written word is testament to how experiential activity can alter our view of a product we thought we knew.

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