World’s largest festival shower

Here’s a relatively simple slice of branded festival activity provided by got2b, the Schwarzkopf shampoo brand, at the Sasquatch Music festival in Washington, which turns a rather basic premise into an active hub throughout the four day music event.

The brand developed what is apparently the world’s largest shower, some 40 feet tall and 40 feet wide and complete with larger than life rubber duck, which acted as a prominent stage for a series of interactive and fun tasks and, naturally, some product sampling.

The ‘Setting Records in Style’ activation was a partnership with URDB World Records, the online record-breaking forum (created off the back of the Burning Man festival), which focuses on community participation.

The giant shower structure, which at 64,000 cubic feet is listed as a record breaker in itself, became the spotlight for a multitude of, often ridiculous, record breaking attempts, from the largest glow stick rave in a shower right through to the largest group of people singing in a shower.

Although not entirely groundbreaking in the sense of festival innovation, it is big and it is clever.

Brands have always had to fight for attention against the music at festival, however, due to the rapid influx of brands at music events, they are also pitching their activation concepts against brand competitors from sectors they may never cross paths with outside of the event.

In this increasingly demanding market, brands need to create destinations that festival goers will want to return to again and again to catch new action, and got2b’s activation, although fairly one dimensional, has a level of community activity and participation that lends itself perfectly to this experience led festival.

The shower was also fully functioning, helping less than fragrant three-day-in festival goers clean up en masse.

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