Wrangler: Worn Across America

Inspired by Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road', Wrangler's latest fashion collection documents a broken journey across America via an interactive short movie.

In order to highlight the use of its exclusive 3D techniques, which give its jeans authentic creasing, the brand is putting viewers in control of a short film on its main website, enabling them to drag and effect the timing of the video and also to distress the content with a bleached out series of hand drawn lines

The website elements build upon a previous campaign which also saw viewers taking control of the video content. The jean brand’s ‘manipulate a man’ digital campaign enabled users to drag a male model around the screen and tear off parts of his clothing.

What is particularly interesting about both of these campaigns is how the music works in sync with the visuals, developing a looped effect as the viewer distresses the video content and its timing.

However, both of these promotions would benefit from deeper exploration of the product from within the content, retaining a level of integrated commerce within the high impact visual brand positioning.

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