Wrigley’s sensory adventure app

Wrigley’s gum have created an adventure based app entitled ‘The Nightjar’ as part of its new ‘5 Experience’ digital hub, which requires players to escape from a dying spaceship. Immersed in a pitch black environment they only have the sense of sound to guide them.

The app, which utilises a specially developed 3D sound concept, is available for free for the iPhone and is the first of a number of initiatives by the brand which focuses on sensory experiences around key entertainment properties, such as gaming, music, film, art and fashion.

Benedict Cumberbatch, of BBC’s re-imagined version of Sherlock, plays the central protagonist Dickie, who leads participants through the game in the form of an interactive audio adventure.

“This is the first time I have been involved in a project such as this and it has been fantastic,” said Cumberbatch.. “The App is a real reflection of the sensory experience that Wrigley 5 is promoting this year and I was intrigued by the concept of compromising one sense so you have to rely on your others.”

Wrigley’s digital hub is packed full of rich content that is designed to simulate the senses, offering innovative entertainment experiences which directly relate to the brand’s core product messaging. The app, billed as a “thrilling roller-coaster of a space horror story” takes its cue from the popular Dead Space console game (with a little less disembodiment) and manages to convert the normally dull notion of an audio book into something more cinematic and experiential.

In addition, due to the narrator’s much published female following (the ‘Cumberbitches’- their words, not mine) - who are all guaranteed to swoon at the sound of his voice - this campaign should help the brand gain traction with a wider female audience.

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