Wrigley’s: user generated projection mapping

Wrigley’s, under the banner of its 5 Gum brand, has developed what it is referring to as the world’s first "user generated projection mapping event" as part of its  global ‘5 Experience’ digital campaign.

The projection mapping events, which took place in South Africa (in both Cape Town and Johannesburg) build on the campaign's focus on sensory experiences built around entertainment – last seen in their audio space adventure app The Nightjar.

“Prepare to have your senses stimulated” ran the intro message to the large scale projection maps, which – like so many maps previously – then burst into life with the building morphing and illuminating in time to a specially prepared soundtrack, courtesy of music production house The Bakery Studios.

Not a lot to distinguish it from other maps at this point. However, the campaign actually started life on the brand’s digital hub, inviting people to create their own maps (some 840 were produced) with the selected ones broadcast live on the day with a large, personalised name credit at the beginning of each one.

The UGC efforts didn’t stop there though, as the audience were able to manipulate the projections with help from connected iPads available for use at the event itself.

The event lasted for a full hour, as opposed to the normally fleeting examples of this kind of media, which provided plenty of time to circulate free packets of 5 Gum during the spectacle.

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