Yarn Bombing: flashmobs get crafty

Could 'Guerrilla Knitting' become the craft equivalent of the flash mob? With brand after brand turning their attentions to the creative and heritage attachments associated with craftsmanship it’s probably not as daft a suggestion as it sounds.

The graffiti equivalent of a temporary tattoo, Yarn Bombing does exactly what it says on the tin, creating temporary knitted coverings for existing objects.  The concept has been around for a number of years now, but with brands suddenly combining entertainment properties with craft sensibilities – think Levi's with its ongoing craft workshop initiatives  and music activations that get behind the creative process of music – it could become the quirky alternative to that big production projection mapping event.

Mini is one brand that has recently got out its knitting needles, as it invited respected yarn bomber Magda Sayegis (founder of Knitta Please) to knit a tight fitting woolly jumper for its new countryman vehicle. The stripy creation is the second installment in the brand’s Wanderlust campaign (which we mentioned earlier this week).

Knitting is an age-old social media, which used to bring groups of women together around a central activity. It doesn't have the instant results quality that society seems to crave right now, but it has a tactile quality that speaks volumes about a slower pace of life and the beauty and pioneering spirit of craft.

For brands that want to showcase an art sensibility with a dose of street level wow factor, yarn bombing could be just what they need.

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