In your face advertising

Wonderbra is back with a new ad billboard that once again opts for the same subtlety that originally caused drivers to veer into lampposts back in the late nineties. Except the 3D assets of a Brazilian model have now replaced Eva Herzigova’s curves, with the ad allegedly aimed at women, rather than men.

Around five years ago somebody made it their business to research the impact of lingerie clad models bearing down from vast billboards on driving.  Rather unsurprisingly “One in five male drivers said their eyes were diverted from the road by posters of scantily clad women” opposed to only 10% of women.

Eva Herzigova classic Wonderbra ad in 1998 is cited as a key example of this trend, although a campaign by Sloggi in 2002, placed at prominent roundabouts and featuring underwear clad cyclists, was equally criticised.

However, this was all pre-Social Media and Wonderbra is apparently now not all about diverting passing male eyes (despite the fact that free 3D glasses are been given away with The Sun newspaper - shaped like a Bra).

The new ‘Full Effect Your Life’ promotion kicks off with Twitter and Facebook integration and a competition giveaway that will enable three women to win  a “life-enriching experience”, such as spending a week as a fashion journalist  at or as a fashion Buyer in Paris.

“As an iconic lingerie brand the 3D billboard is the perfect way to launch the campaign for our new bra, it brings to life the product’s benefits in a bold and exciting way,” said Wonderbra’s Head of Marketing, Julia Nolan.

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