Zombie road rage

Here’s an ingenious marketing promo from a brand with a total marketing budget that most large brands would use on post its for a brain storming session.

With only $500 dollars the Zombie Blood Energy Drink - a brew that apparently utilises the green blood cells of actual Zombies - set about staging a carefully timed stunt at a road intersection.

“A Red Light Traffic Ticket is 445 bucks. So is our marketing budget,” states the campaign. And that in itself is the basic premise of this highly illegal and questionable campaign.

The brand carefully positioned a selection of Zombies in front of a roadside traffic camera and ran the red light in order to trigger the camera.  The traffic violation ensured the brand received a ticket in the post complete with plenty of Zombies promoting the energy drink in the accompanying photo evidence.

Quite what they did with it – other than gain some press (such as the kind I’m giving them here) is open to question.

Possible the best part about this campaign is the unintentional branding it contains. A VW Beetle is so prominent in the shot that the first line of the campaign’s disclaimers states “No this is not viral marketing for Volkswagen”.

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