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Let the music take you higher


FRUKT were asked to create a splashy buzz-worthy activation to roll out Delta’s partnership with LSTN Sound Co. that targeted millennials, and promoted Delta’s new stylish, noise-canceling headphones that will be featured in Delta One and Delta Premium Select.


Building off our current Delta music strategy and “pursuit of opportunity” brand message, we identified a common vision of Delta and LSTN – to inspire people through new opportunities and experiences. We knew that 72% of our target audience prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. In today’s social world, experiencing is believing whether that’s participating or seeing it via a trusted voice. As such, we activated a live product demo, backed by authentic influencer amplification.

How we pressed play

We rose to the task by creating, producing, and executing the first-ever silent disco at 30,000 feet DJ’d by The Roots band member Questlove and emceed by renowned hip-hop music producer Yameen Allworld. Over 100 guests were treated to a full evening of surprises, including private transportation from NYC to JFK with a premium menu and cocktails, and a dance party photo booth at the gate, and culminating with a 90 minute silent disco party in the sky.  The night was documented by guests, influencers and Questlove using #DeltaSilentDisco.

The Results

  • #DeltaSilentDisco has garnered 347 social mentions, 342 mentions in social posts and an estimated 965K impressions*
  • 48M+ Impressions
  • 52% Positive Sentiment on Social: In tandem with 47% neutral (sharing/retweets) and 1% negative
  • 153K+ Social Engagements: 42% engagements came from Delta posts and 58% from non-Delta posts. Notable retweets include the editor of Adweek.

The first-ever silent disco at 30,000 feet DJ’d by Roots band member Questlove.


Let the music take you higher

48M+ impressions
347 social mentions
153K+ Social Engagements