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FRUKT Folk - Dan Button

As a group of people at FRUKT, we've got lots of different skills and other interesting, creative projects going on beyond our day jobs. We spoke to Dan Button, our Design Director at FRUKT London, to find out about his long-running creative outlet and side project 'Hero of Switzerland'.

1. How would you describe ‘Hero of Switzerland’ to a complete stranger?

I hate the term illustration ‘collective’ but it’s how most people would describe us. We’re basically two people with a passion for illustration who come up with fun projects and events that we then ask friends to join in with. We’ve done colouring books full of swear words, tea towels of famous Britain’s and dress up life drawing classes with giant inflatables, anything to get a smile out of people.

2. What kick-started the project?

A long time ago I was in a really shitty job, and despite my ambition and education, I couldn’t get a creative job to save my life. I had two like minded friends that I suggested to that we should hook up every week in the pub, set each other illustrative briefs and then show what we’ve done. We got into such a routine that we suddenly had loads of drawings and ideas and nowhere to put them. We decided to start a blog to showcase our stuff and then put on an exhibition. From there our blogs started getting a buzz on Twitter, we met other likeminded and frustrated creatives and before we knew it, we’d become a ‘thing.’

3. What was the moment where you thought, ‘Yeah, I really love doing this?

I loved it from the very beginning (because I was the annoying one driving it) but there were definitely moments where I felt incredibly proud; whether it’s exhibiting at Somerset House, the Huffington Post profiling your blog or just seeing your art on the high street. Yeah it can be a grind after a hard day at work to then organise an exhibition with 20 artists or to write a proposal for something or other but there’s always the pay off of people digging your work that is the driving force behind it all.

4. What’s the end goal for Heroes of Switzerland?

There’s isn’t really an end goal as such. Like anything in life, if you stop enjoying it then it’s maybe time to stop but until the ideas run dry I’ll keep doing it. It started out as an antidote to a really boring job but as I’ve gotten better and more creative jobs Hero of Switzerland has simply morphed from an antidote to an extension of what I do, an alternative platform in which to explore fun and creative ideas.