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FRUKT Folk: Daniel Robson

We spoke to Daniel Robson, Designer at FRUKT London, about his photography work that has seen him capture world-famous artists at O2 Academy venues around the UK.

How would you describe your photography work to a complete stranger?

I specialise in live music and event photography. Since moving to London in 2014, I have shot primarily as a house photographer for O2 Shepherds Bush Empire and more recently O2 Academy Brixton, and have had work published in various print publications and online blogs. I see my photography work as a nice extension to my day job, music has always been my passion so to get the opportunity to shoot gigs on such a regular basis is a real pleasure. 

The Mission at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire The Mission at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

What kick-started it?

Whilst at college, I was around a lot of like-minded students who had an interest in photography. At the time, there wasn’t a photography course available, but because a few of us had an interest in the subject, they started a course for us, that was a great first step. I’d always loved going to gigs, and whilst living up in the North-East, I was fortunate to meet a number of photographers who specialise in live music. They have gone on to become good friends of mine, and helped gave me my first opportunities to get involved in the local scene. 

Savages at O2 Academy Brixton Savages at O2 Academy Brixton

What was the moment where you thought, ‘Yeah, I really love doing this’?

In 2011, I started to help out with the team at O2 Academy Newcastle. That was the turning point between a casual hobby to more of a side project. I became exposed to shooting in bigger venues, shooting festivals, assisting on music videos and working on photo shoots. There have been a number of stand-out moments, whether it is being one of only a handful to shoot on the Morrissey UK tour a couple of years back, shooting on the main stage of Leeds Festival, or being invited to shoot Palma Violets backstage on their tour. Shooting a sold-out show at O2 Academy Brixton always gives me a buzz, a pleasure to capture special moments in such a legendary venue. It is those experiences where the hours of dedication really pay off!

Richard Ashcroft at O2 Academy Brixton Richard Ashcroft at O2 Academy Brixton

What’s the end goal for it?

I’ve never set out any particular aim, whilst it is a side-project ultimately it is all about enjoying it. There are certainly a few bands left on the bucket list to shoot! My portfolio has branched out in recent times, covering events aside from live music, I’ve had commissions to shoot conferences, portraits and fashion lifestyle shoots. Like any creative industry, photography is hard to break into and forge a career from, but I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to do photography work, both as part of my day-to-day job and as a side-project. 

O2 Academy Brixton celebrating David Bowie O2 Academy Brixton celebrating David Bowie

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