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FRUKT Folk: Rashpal Amrit

We spoke to Rashpal Amrit, designer at FRUKT London, to find out about his fashion and lifestyle blog.

How would you describe your project to a complete stranger?

Over the past three years I have been Fashion and Lifestyle blogging. I work both independently under the name Style and Stylus and as part of a team The Dapper Chapper. The passion first started as an online outfit look book and has evolved to collaborating with brands on a number social campaigns and event coverage.  

What kick-started it?

I always had an interest in fashion but never really pursued it. I was convinced by my friend who was a fashion blogger at the time and support from friends helped make it a reality. Working in an agency environment has also opened up new opportunities. An ex FRUKT employee introduced me to Adam who founded Men’s Lifestyle blog The Dapper Chapper which I am now the Style Editor for.

What was the moment where you thought, ‘Yeah, I really love doing this’?

One of my main goals when I first set out blogging was to get invited to all the fashion shows at London Men’s Fashion Week. My first season really made me more invested in the industry and it was truly a fantastic experience to be part of. Meeting bloggers, seeing the latest collections and mixing with the industry gave my blog a deeper meaning and purpose. Essentially, being part of menswear blogging is extremely important to make the industry thrive and necessary to reach a wider audience. 

Rashpal Ted Baker Shoot

What’s the end goal for it? 

I would like to be industry recognised and a leading influencer within menswear and lifestyle. I am looking to move towards lifestyle and travel within the next few years. At the moment, my fashion is still my strongest section but I have some new milestones. 

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