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The Fix at The Social

How to support musicians affected by the pandemic

According to a survey done by The Music Union, one third of musicians are considering quitting the music industry as a result of the pandemic. 88% said that they do not believe the Government has done enough to support musicians during these testing times.

As we enter further nationwide restrictions, how can we play a part in helping the music industry survive? In the short-term, you can certainly try and book tickets for the shows that are still happening and we recently posted on the FRUKT website about some of the exciting and safe events still going on in the capital in the coming weeks.

But alongside financially contributing where you can, we strongly recommend you write to your MP using The Music Union’s template letter below, to show you're behind additional support for musicians and other self-employed workers.

The Musician's Union is lobbying on the following, based on research and consultation with its members:

Be sure your voice is heard.