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Spidey at EGX

PlayStation – Players Village

Taking PlayStation fans to Olympian new heights at the UK’s biggest gaming exhibition


Attended by over 80,000 people year-on-year, EGX is the peak annual exhibition for brands in the gaming industry in the UK.

In 2018, PlayStation returned with their biggest stand yet and, following a successful pitch process, FRUKT were tasked to enhance and optimize on previous years to ensure it was the stand of the expo.

One overarching aspect of the brief was to incorporate an overarching theme, something that had been lacking in previous years, in support of their overarching brand message to to ‘Celebrate The Players’.

Further key point of the brief was, of course, around gameplay – with our response needing to ensure comfortable yet striking areas were created to accommodate 17 key game titles and 6 PSVR releases.


The tension we worked from was the how gaming had transcended from the virtual world back into the real world, with its huge prevalence taking it into wider culture, from football celebrations to gamer influencers, celebrity gamers and even Hollywood blockbusters.

 Thus, ‘real world of gaming’ become our springboard for creative. 

How We Pressed Play

Three ‘real world’ iterations were considered, before deciding on ‘The Players Village’, a look and feel inspired by the olympian-like commitment of PlayStation fans, and the togetherness and spirit of competition of EGX.

Spanning 2011m², FRUKT created an open-plan or ‘open-world’ area with  9 exhibition-stylized gaming zones.

The Players Village theme came to life through a neighbourhood-style layout, with distinct wayfinding segregated by olympic flags that championed both PlayStation and their players.  

An emote (celebration) photo opportunity gave people the chance to on their best game-faces, before sticking their photo to our Players Wall of Fame before, unbeknownst to them, seeing their photo showcased on 7 hanging flag-inspired screens surrounding the stage for all visitors to see, truly putting them at the crux of the activation.

 Our central arena focal point was an elevated stage hosted by the PlayStation Access team but powered by the fans. Attendees could take part in and observe exclusive gameplay, group fun activities like FortNite floss-offs, all wrapped up in giveaway sessions. One highlight featured the retro gameshow-inspired ‘Ultimate PlayStation Quiz’ hosted by the access team, where one lucky PlayStation fan was presented with the grand prize of a special edition 500th Million Edition PS4 Pro Console. We also created a bespoke, designated area for PSVR inspired by our Spring Showcase work – 14 pods showcasing 6 game titles, with guests welcomed via a large 3D VR headset at entrance.

The Players Village at EGX

“The agencies and suppliers involved did a superb job under the time scales and have delivered a seriously impressive stand.” Gareth Lush - Brand and Influencer Events Manager

PlayStation shapes at EGX
Spidey with fan at EGX
Deadpool at EGX
Fans at EGX


Taking PlayStation fans to Olympian new heights at the UK’s biggest gaming exhibition

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