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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021

The biggest technology event of the year hosts a myriad of panels, showcases, launches, premiers and everything in between. So, we've scanned a dizzying four days’ worth of news and content to handpick five FRUKT key entertainment takeouts.

1. Brands must form real connections with their consumers

Brands must keep in tune with the growing purchasing power of young adults, particularly Gen-Z. Be where they are. Where they live, work and play. (Erik Jensen, VP of Brand Engagement at Denny’s)

2. On niche audiences - it’s better to go “an inch wide and a mile deep”

A common misconception is that niche shows geared toward specific audiences will not fare as well as more universal programmes, but fan marketing is more focused on quality of connection rather than quantity. (Lucinda Martinez, EVP of HBO and HBO Max Brand Marketing)

“Audiences have evolved to be particular to each platform, whether that be Twitch or TikTok.” - Agnes Chu, President of Conde Nast Entertainment

3. Audiences are unique to each platform

Previously people focused on creating a singular story and syndicating it out to a variety of platforms, but audiences have since evolved to be particular to each platform, whether that be Twitch or TikTok. (Agnes Chu, President of Conde Nast Entertainment)

4. The pandemic has accelerated emerging technologies

The pandemic has brought a boom in technologies that were already in development prior to the coronavirus. From a surge in consumer interaction with augmented reality to increased Google searches on the availability of telemedicine, people have been looking to satisfy various needs during lockdown. And there’s no sign of it slowing down. (Marvin Chow, VP of Marketing at Google)

5. Media fandoms are here to stay

During the Fan-First Media panel, creative leaders at streaming services and media networks discussed the importance of growing fanbases for their platforms in a time during which connectedness is hard to come by. (Shane Rahmani, SVP of Media at Marvel Entertainment)