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O2, GoThinkBig, Boiler Room Brand Partnership

O2 - Go Think Big X Boiler Room

Partnering with the leading underground music platform to give young people a head start


O2’s work initiative, Go Think Big, helps young people get a foot on the career ladder. Our task was threefold, to increase Go Think Big’s reach, the number of applications to their work scheme and provide the best possible proof points for applicants’ CVs.  


Research showed that 49% of 16-24 year olds are passionate about music but don’t feel they’re able to pursue it as a career, whether through lack of knowledge, confidence, or not knowing where to start.

We recognised that Go Think Big had provided some brilliant work schemes in the past, but lacked the reach to draw in large numbers of applicants. It also made sense to leverage O2’s live music credentials through its network of O2 Academy venues nationwide. This indicated we needed a music partner who had the credibility to bolster young people’s CVs, provide huge reach and instill practical training and confidence in our participants while increasing awareness of our venues.

How We Pressed Play

We crafted a collaboration between Go Think Big and the leading underground music platform Boiler Room, a brand that has been pushing the boundaries of live music streaming since its inception.

Through two two-day long workshops in conjunction with Boiler Room (one in London, and the other in Leeds), we gave young people one-of-a-kind industry education and hands on experience that covered all aspects of what it takes to put on a Boiler Room production. We ran sessions on marketing, production, artist booking and live broadcasting as well as offering Q&A panels with top artists and industry experts.

Each workshop culminated in two unique live-streamed Boiler Room gigs where participants could apply their training first-hand. This connected the participants and Go Think Big with Boiler Room’s community of 17 million people in over 100 cities around the world. London’s show was a world first, being the only gig ever to be held in the O2 Academy Brixton’s 1920s art-deco foyer, while the other was held at O2 Academy Leeds.

The Results

  • The live shows received 1M views
  • Posts reached 9.4M+ on social media
  • Total social engagements: 58K+
  • Website traffic to increased by 30% during the campaign
  • Each of the two workshops were oversubscribed by 500%
  • 81% of participants rated the opportunity ‘Excellent’

We connected the participants and Go Think Big with a world-famous music brand and an online community of 17 million people, in over 100 cities around the world.


Partnering with the leading underground music platform to give young people a head start

1M live show views
9.4M reach on social posts
58K social engagements